May 30, 2016

That's Not a Deal, That's a Steal: Memorial Day Edition

Yep, Memorial Day sales are upon us. I'm not sure who decided that a holiday where we honor those who died in service of our country would be an appropriate day to also make a mass sales day... But anyway, I figured I would do a roundup of the deals that are going on. Because I don't think you have to feel too guilty about shopping for a few minutes today.

Also I have a sale going on on my etsy store. Use code MEMORIAL16 to receive 20% discount off the entire store. It's the perfect time to pick up a bow for any cute little girls in your life!

So here are the deals I've seen and my picks from the sales:

Contemporary Buttoned Denim SkirtContemporary Asymmetric Hem Maxi Dress

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May 25, 2016

That's Not a Deal, That's a Steal: Leather Sleeved Jacket Edition

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May 6, 2016

Tissue Paper Flowers- Roses, Peonies, and Anemones

Mother's Day- is there a better occasion to give a handmade gift? This tutorial is perfect for anyone who has procrastinated their shopping, for those who went the gift card route and want their gift to be a little more substantial, or for anyone who wants to give their mother flowers that won't die a few days later. And if you happen to make a double batch for your own home, no one would blame you.

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